Paedatric MDT

Paediatric MDT

GPs and Paediatricians in North West London are collaborating on a new integrated care initiative. The current system means that children are seen in primary care, and more complex cases referred to general paediatrics. However, current waiting times are long, and in this time children and parents are left with no specialist input, increasing pressures on GPs and potentially allowing the presenting problem to worsen. This can lead to school absences, parental stress and physical health complications. Integrated care is about creating a professional relationship between primary and secondary care, bridging the gap in care and reducing inequalities for patients, whilst improving patient care and satisfaction.

Several CYP clinics have already been set up in PCNs around NWL. These tend to be run by a GP (often with special interest in paediatrics) and a paediatrician (consultant or senior registrar).

A clinic has already been running for over a year, with rotation from different paediatricians, seeing patients across Harness.

If you believe you and your child would benefit from this service please speak to your GP Practice and they can refer you.